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Halls Greenhouses offers secure online purchasing of the complete Halls greenhouse range including, freestanding greenhouses: Popular greenhouses, Supreme greenhouses, Universal greenhouses, Magnum greenhouses, Halls Supreme Wall Gardens, Halls Lean-To's, Halls Staging, Shelving and Accessories. We are delighted to offer updated and increased specifications this year, as well as very competitive SALE prices. We are looking forward to a busy Spring. If you need a free insurance quotation claim please call the team on 0121 355 7701.

  • Halls Greenhouses, available in aluminium, or powder coated green finish, offer superb value for money.

    From the compact 4ft x 6ft Halls Popular greenhouses to the cavernous 14ft x 8ft Halls Magnum greenhouses, we can install any of these freestanding models. So why look anywhere else?

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Halls Silver Aluminium Magnum Greenhouses
All Halls Magnum greenhouses are 8ft WIDE and are available in three different lengths from 10ft up to 14ft long.

Welcome to Halls Greenhouses which is the online website of Hall's Garden Supplies (established 1952). Hall's Garden Supplies have been selling Halls Greenhouses and AGL Greenhouses for more than 50 years and are recognised Premium Dealers. Robert Hall is the senior partner of the family business. All the Halls Greenhouses offered for sale on this website come directly from the warehouse in Cheltenham to your door. We only sell genuine Halls Greenhouses and genuine accessories for Halls Greenhouses.

Halls Popular Greenhouse:   The Halls Popular Greenhouse is the mainstay of the Halls greenhouse range. It varies in size from the compact Halls Popular 4ft x 6ft Wide Greenhouse and increases in 2ft increments up to the Halls Popular 10ft x 6ft Wide Greenhouse. In the smallest version the sliding door is on the 6ft width, as it is on all of the greenhouses in the Halls Popular range, but it is the longest dimension on the smallest version, as this is only 4ft deep. Obviously the Halls Popular 6ft x 6ft Wide Greenhouse is virtually square and effectively adds 50% useable space, if you can accommodate this into your garden. The Halls Popular 8ft x 6ft Wide Greenhouse is the best selling greenhouse as it offers a great balance between price and working space. Today it is considered a modern day classic. The last to be introduced was the Halls Popular 10ft x 6ft Wide Greenhouse.  This gives you 25% additional useable space for not a lot of additional cost. It also means you can section off the last 2ft with bubble glazing insulation and use the space to over winter tender plants. Halls also offer all these sizes in the Popular Forest Green option, which has the attractive green colour powder coated onto the frame. There is also a full range of Halls staging, shelving and Halls accessories available.

Halls Supreme Greenhouse:   The Halls Supreme Greenhouse is simply based on the Halls Popular Greenhouse but utlises a curved side window bar that immediately adds elegance and style to what was previously a utilitarian greenhouse. High grade scratch resistant acrylic is used to form the curved section, and the streamline effect is heighetened by the lack of a rainwater gutter. The Halls Supreme Greenhouse was initially introduced  as a 6ft wide model, in three sizes but later an 8ft wide variant was added. The Halls 8ft Wide Supreme Greenhouses feature double sliding doors as standard. The largest is the Halls Supreme 14ft x 8ft Wide Double Door Greenhouse. As with the Halls Popular Range all sizes are available in Forest Green to add to the aesthetic look of the greenhouse.

Halls Magnum Greenhouse:   The Halls Magnum Greenhouse is built for the keen gardener who has the space and time to expand his horizons. At over 8ft wide, with double doors as standard and extra high eaves the Halls Magnum 10ft x 8ft Wide Double Door Greenhouse allows you room to breathe. All the Halls Magnum Greenhouses have cast iron joints to ensure strength and maximunm safety. If you have the space don't compromise your style and take a look at the Halls Magnum 12ft x 8ft Wide Double Door Greenhouse. With over 9 square metres of growing space and 4 roof vents as standard you are sure to be impressed. If money and space allow go the whole way and enjoy the sheer luxury of the largest  in the range, the Halls Magnum 14ft x 8ft Wide Double Door Greenhouse. As with the previous ranges you can trade up to the Forest Green Magnum Greenhouse and add a touch of class.

Halls Universal Greenhouse:   The Halls Universal Greenhouse is built on a box section ridge and cast joints at both the ridge and the eaves. Seriously strong, but economically priced the Halls Universal Greenhouse is also a little exlusive as it is only available in 2 sizes. Chose from the Halls Universal 10ft x 8ft Wide Greenhouse or the larger Halls Universal 12ft x 8ft Wide Greenhouse. Both of these greenhouses are also available as  Halls Forest Green Universal Greenhouses.

Halls Wall Gardens and Lean To:   The Halls Wall Gardens and Lean To Range features 3 models in the Halls Silverline Lean To specification. They are 6ft wide and offer a choice of 8ft, 10ft or 12ft lengths. They also feature the very attractive curved frame at the eaves. More compact is the Halls 6ft x 2ft Supreme Curved Wall Garden Lean To. Easy arm access and stylish good looks means that this is a lean to that is always in demand. The Halls 4ft x 2ft Wall Garden Lean To is smaller, more economical and more workman like. The Halls 6ft x 2ft Wall Garden Lean To offers 50% more growing space if you have the room.

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