Halls Popular Greenhouses

The Halls popular greenhouse range is not only popular by name, but is available in a collection of favoured sizes, no doubt having the perfect one to suit most gardens. Shop our range of branded Halls popular greenhouses today.

Halls popular greenhouses are available in standard silver aluminium frames, powder-coated green, or powder-coated black. Stylish and elegant, the forest green models, with their classic, natural-looking finish have been designed to provide distinction and refinement to your garden, easily fitting in with the garden surroundings. Whilst the more modern black frame finish brings a touch of contemporary style, entwining both traditional and modern aesthetics.

All models within the range, both silver, and powder-coated finishes come with strong, well-crafted, rust-proof frames which simply bolt together to form a safe structure, that is also virtually maintenance-free. There are three glazing types to choose from, dependent on your needs. The glazing types can be selected using the options on the product page, and for this range are:

  • Horticultural Glass - Standard and traditional 3mm overlapping float glass.
  • Toughened Glass - Stronger 3mm toughened glass, in full-length panes.
  • Polycarbonate Glazing - 4mm twin-wall polycarbonate. Maximum safety and optimal insulation.

Self Assembly Tips

Setting up your Halls popular greenhouse at home is not difficult, but in general, can take between 4-8 hours depending on greenhouse size. When choosing a spot in the garden to site your greenhouse, ideally, pick an area with maximum sunlight, and the greatest protection from the wind.

Never over-tighten the bolts initially as a little 'play' in the frame can be an advantage later. Make sure all the bolts are fully tightened to complete the installation. We normally recommend progressively tightening opposite bolts, as you would on a car wheel.

Fully illustrated instructions are enclosed, complete with guidelines for safe handling. Halls also provide an extensive range of stylish accessories, each one designed to enhance your Halls greenhouse and improve your growing results.