Greenhouse Insurance Quote

In need of an official quotation for insurance purposes? Then we can provide you with a quick and free insurance quote.

Although we hope that these things don't happen, if your greenhouse has been affected by irreversible damage due to stormy weather or other means, then you may be covered through your home insurance.

Many household insurance policies cover flood and storm damage up to a certain value, so if you've sadly had damage to your greenhouse, it may be worth contacting your insurance provider who will be able to let you know whether you are eligible to claim on your policy.

If so, they will most likely ask you to provide them with an up-to-date sales quote, for the same or similar greenhouse model that's been damaged. We're able to provide official quotations free and quick, and you don't even need to call us - we can simply email a digital quotation straight to you.

10 Steps to Requesting an Insurance Quote

  1. Find your greenhouse on our website, or the same size version if you don't know your original greenhouse brand.
  2. Add the greenhouse into your basket (don't worry - you won't have to fill in any payment details)
  3. Find and add any affected accessories into your basket, such as extra roof vents, louvre windows, staging, shelving, and auto openers.
  4. Go to your Basket page (click here to go straight there)
  5. Scroll down on your Basket page until you see the section named "Do you need a quote on the items in your basket?"
  6. Click the "Quote Me Now" button and choose "Insurance Quote". 
  7. Fill in your details. These should match the name and address which your insurance policy covers.
  8. Submit your Quotation details.
  9. You will then receive an automated email from us confirming that we have successfully received your details.
  10. Usually, the next working day or sooner we will check over the details and email you your official quotation, which you can then use with your insurance provider.

What Happens Next?
If your insurance provider does accept your claim and pays out a cash sum to replace your greenhouse, simply get back in touch with us to say that you'd like to accept your quotation and we shall convert it into a real order, and contact you regarding making a secure payment with us. Thereafter, we will process your order and deliver your new greenhouse within our specified delivery timeframe.