Installation Services Information

Our handy preparation checklist and terms for when purchasing a greenhouse from us with an installation service.

Please see our handy areas covered and pre-installation checklist regarding the installation of a Halls greenhouse, when purchasing a greenhouse and installation from us together.

Letting our third-party installation team install your greenhouse for you takes the hassle out of having to install it yourself. However, the area where your new greenhouse is due to be sited must be prepared prior to the installation team arriving at your property in order to install your greenhouse effectively.

Areas Covered For Installation Services

Greenhouse installation services are available to the following domestic home address locations:

  • Mainland England
  • Wales Postcodes: CF and NP
  • Scotland Postcodes: TF

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer installation services on allotments, to any other postcodes not listed in Wales and Scotland, nor to Northern Ireland or Offshore Isles and Islands.

Installation Checklist When Ordering

  • Firstly, ensure that you select the greenhouse installation option further down on the product page when purchasing your greenhouse of choice.
  • For any additional accessories such as staging and shelving, installation for these are charged extra. However, most accessories such as roof vents and louvre windows are included in the standard greenhouse installation price.
  • The base plinth accessory MUST be purchased if one is available unless your chosen greenhouse is provided with an integral base plinth.

Installation Checklist After Ordering

  • A level, flat and hardstanding area must be prepared in readiness for your installation. Recommended areas to site a greenhouse include:
    - On an area with a concrete slab base.
    - On an area with cemented paving slabs or patio bricks.
    - On grass or gravel where the ground is completely level and flat, firm, free-draining, and not prone to flooding. 
  •  Find the correct dimensions of the base area required by using the dimensions on the product page, or within the instruction manual PDF that is also available to download from the product page.
  • Choose an area for your greenhouse that is free from obstructions such as not under trees or power lines, or on top of manhole covers or drains.
  • Choose an area for your greenhouse that has a minimum clearance of 2-feet of free space/access around all sides, so that the greenhouse sections can be maneuvered around the installation area where required.
  • Choose an area for your greenhouse that has natural windproofing nearby, such as hedges, fencing, a wall, or similar. It is not advisable to site a greenhouse in the middle of a large, open area.

Installation Terms of Service

Further to the above checklists, please see our installation terms of service.

  • It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that the base area for the greenhouse has been prepared in advance of the installation team's arrival, as per the recommendations in the checklist above.
  • There must be clear access of at least 2-feet around the base area for the greenhouse so that the installation team can easily access all sides.
  • It is the customer's responsibility to check whether planning permission may be required. Usually, the majority of greenhouses do not need planning permission, although each council borough's legislation and property differs slightly.
  • It is the responsibility of the customer to pre-check that all greenhouse parts have been delivered successfully prior to the installation team's arrival.
  • Standard accessories such as roof vents and louvre windows are included in the standard installation price, however, staging and shelving are at an additional cost and so will only be completed if chosen and paid for when ordering your greenhouse.
  • You agree that installation will normally take place between 6 - 12 weeks after the successful delivery of your greenhouse.
  • You agree to store the delivered greenhouse in a secure and dry place during the interim period between delivery and installation.
  • If an installation is unable to be carried out due to the above checklist and terms not being adhered to, you will still be liable to pay the installation costs and any future costs that may be associated if the installation date has to be rearranged.
  • You agree that the installation team is asked to leave the site clean and tidy, but is not required to dispose of any of the delivery packaging.
  • Installation services provided to locations where ULEZ (or similar), parking charges, or congestion charges apply may be required to pay an additional surcharge.

Other: Anchoring Your Greenhouse

As part of the installation service, the installation team will, where possible anchor the greenhouse plinth and greenhouse down to a hardstanding base such as concrete, slabs, or patio bricks, or alternatively use the complementary anchor spikes to secure the base plinth into soft ground where the greenhouse is being sited onto grass or gravel.

If they are unable to do this for any reason, then this should be noted on the installation sheet that you are asked to sign when they have completed the installation, and you as the customer would then be responsible for the anchoring of the greenhouse through other means as soon as possible, in order to ensure it is safe and secure to the ground.

Other: Weatherproofing

Greenhouses, whether installed by yourself or through our installation service are not deemed as being 100% weatherproof. As per the design, there may be small gaps in the frame where rainwater can seep inside, however, this is not classed as a manufacturing fault, nor an installation fault and is completely normal for a greenhouse.

You may choose to complete additional weatherproofing that is not included within our installation service but of which can be DIY'd. This includes using an outdoor, weatherproof silicone sealant (similar to what's used around bathtubs and sinks) to bind the joins where the glazing and the frame meet in order to further aid its durability and to reduce water ingress.