Halls Greenhouse Downpipe Rainwater Kits

Most greenhouses offer a great source for collecting rainwater due to their apex roof and large coverage, so make the most of this precious and free resource with guttering.

  • Allows Rainwater To Be Directed From The Greenhouse Gutters
  • Ideal for Capturing & Storing Rainwater Into a Water Butt
  • Available for Halls Popular, Magnum, Silverline & Qube Models
  • Choose Model Below To Fit Your Greenhouse
  • Official Halls Branded Accessories

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as Downpipe Kit for Halls Popular Greenhouses

as Downpipe Kit for Halls Popular Greenhouses (SO1350BK)

This downpipe kit includes a downpipe for one side of a Halls popular model greenhouse. Includes: Down pipe, end-stop, downpipe end stop, fixing clip and elbow joint. Two kits will be required to fit both sides of your greenhouse roof.

as Downpipe Kit for Halls Magnum Greenhouses (SO1353)

as Downpipe Kit for Halls Qube Greenhouses (F03845)

as Gutter Connecting Kit for Halls Qube Greenhouses (E04620)

as Gutter Connecting Kit for Halls Cotswold Greenhouses (E04620)

Product Description

Ensure that you're not losing out on any valuable rainwater by diverting it from your greenhouses' roof gutters and into a container such as a water butt instead.

It's no mystery that plants prefer rainwater over tap water, so capturing and storing rainwater to then reuse on watering your plants is a great idea - it also means that you're not having to pay for tap water when you can use nature's free water source instead!

By using a rainwater or downpipe kit, you can easily connect guttering pipes from each side of your greenhouse gutters and then down into a water butt.

Available to fit the majority of Hall's greenhouse models, choose your rainwater kit below to match your greenhouse model at home.

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Halls Greenhouse Downpipe Rainwater Kits

£39.00 inc. VAT